It is shocking to me that press reports are asserting that Senator Ted Kennedy is about to introduce an extreme new bill that will reward illegal immigrants with an even easier path to citizenship than last year's proposal and will reduce enforcement measures.

Most immigrants who have entered the United States illegally do not want to become American citizens. They are here to find better work opportunities than they find in their home countries. Businesses do not need workers to become U.S. citizens, and that is not what most immigrants desire. Why force them down this road?

By creating an easier path to citizenship, proponents of this bill are advancing a political agenda. They are not addressing the real concerns of those affected by current law, and are only deepening the divide on this controversial issue. In essence, they are devaluing U.S. citizenship for the millions of Americans who have entered the U.S. lawfully. The American public does not support the elements central to this proposed bill, and Congress should not be either.