We are members of Military Families Speak Out, an organization of over 3,200 military families opposed to the war in Iraq, whose loved ones are currently serving in, or are soon to be deployed or re-deployed to Iraq. No one is more concerned about the safety and well-being of our troops than we are – they are our loved ones.

Yesterday we sent an open letter to Senators and Members of Congress (http://www.mfso.org/downloads/OpenLetter.pdf) urging them to vote against the President’s 2007 supplemental appropriations request for funds to continue the war in Iraq. It is not enough to support a non-binding resolution opposing the escalation.
We want our Senators and Members of Congress to know that by continuing to fund the war and leaving our loved ones in Iraq, they are abandoning them. We know that there are funds available to bring our troops out quickly and safely and, if needed, additional funds could be reprogrammed for that purpose. Senators and Members of Congress cannot both oppose and fund this war. We urge and expect Congress to use their Constitutional ‘power of the purse’ to de-fund the war.

We are asking our elected representatives to show the courage and leadership that our loved ones have shown when they signed up to defend country and Constitution. Ending this war is the right thing to do. And Senators and Members of Congress are the people who can make it happen.