They say a budget is the clearest reflection of your priorities. And this budget does not reflect the priorities that the people of Wisconsin - and people across the nation - voted for in November. While the President's budget sends hundreds of billions more to Iraq, it drastically underfunds the Department of Veterans Affairs, which administers the health care programs that will help the nearly 20,000 Wisconsin troops deployed since 2001 to heal from the physical and psychological traumas of war. It protects nearly $3 trillion in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, but it cuts student aid programs that help our young people achieve the dream of college.

We need to get our fiscal house back in order, but we will not balance this budget on the backs of our veterans, or our kids. We'll engage in honest, realistic budgeting, and make the tough decisions to bring fiscal discipline back to the federal budget, while protecting what matters most to the people of Wisconsin.