A report published today by more than 600 climate scientists from over 100 countries offered the most conclusive evidence to date that global warming is real and that manmade pollution is causing it. The stakes have never been clearer. The threat we face is dire, and there is no time to waste.

That is why Olympia Snowe and I have reintroduced the most comprehensive, aggressive bipartisan anti-global warming bill to date. “The Global Warming Reduction Act

Under this President, America is moving dangerously backward on the environment, but there are bright spots all across this country. My wife Teresa and I have written a book, This Moment on Earth, to shine the spotlight on today’s environmental crisis and also on the Americans who are fighting to make a difference.

From the San Juan Basin to the Gulf of Mexico to the South Bronx, from mothers on Cape Cod to Colorado ranchers, we found a vibrant coalition of people and communities deploying ingenuity, technology, and sheer will power to save the world they know and love. Alongside our research and personal reflections, we’ve tried to chronicle Profiles in Courage among the new environmentalists. Our book also features a how-to guide for readers who want to get involved.

Scientists tell us we have about 10 years to stabilize the emissions causing global warming and begin reversing them before it’s too late. Words alone will not solve this problem or any of the grave environmental crises we face today. We need action.