Despite the assertion of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps in an earlier post (Jan. 31), the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition advocates neither "open borders" nor "amnesty."  EWIC supports comprehensive immigration reform measures that:

- Address both future economic needs for future workers through the creation of a guest worker program and practically address the estimated 7-11 million undocumented workers already in the United States.
- Create an immigration system that functions efficiently for employers, workers, and government agencies.
- Create a program that allows hard working, tax paying undocumented workers to earn legal status.
- Ensure that U.S. workers are not displaced by foreign workers.
- Ensure that all workers enjoy the same labor law protections.
- Strengthen national security by providing for the screening of foreign workers and creating a disincentive for illegal immigration.
- Strengthen the rule of law by establishing clear, sensible immigration laws that are efficiently and vigorously enforced.

Further, the US-VISIT program, the subject of the hearing referenced in the earlier post, is not something on which EWIC takes a position, and no testimony was submitted on our coalition's behalf.

The post by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps was incorrect and misleading and we hope the readers of this blog will keep this in mind when reading future communications by the group.  For accurate information on EWIC, please visit our website.  Thank you.