I am proud to still be at the forefront of this issue as we continue to push the crucial issue of embryonic stem cell research. This effort has never been solely about my bill; it has been on behalf of the research and the work for a cure for the tens of millions of patients suffering worldwide from diseases such as Juvenile Diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer and AIDS. For that reason, I hope that we may make the bill more palatable to President Bush, either in the Senate or in Conference so that it stands more of a chance of being signed and so that the research can move forward.

As the debate continues on this bill on Thursday, it is important to remember the facts. The decision to discard the embryo which will be used for the research will already have been made and only then can a couple donate an embryo for research. All other options are open to them, including embryo adoption. Additionally, embryonic stem cells are pluripotent and can turn into any cell in the body which is much more useful for research than adult stem cells and currently, embryonic stem cells are the only area of stem cell research restricted at the federal level. It is time to update the federal policy to enable scientists in the United States to participate in the race for cures and treatments.