Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters pose a threat to every corner of America.  That is why I introduced H.R. 91, the Homeowners' Insurance Protection Act of 2007, a comprehensive catastrophic insurance bill that helps reduce homeowners' insurance costs to American families and ensures liquidity in the insurance market.  Florida may be hit by hurricanes and California by earthquakes, but homeowners across the nation will face ever growing insurance premiums because of these huge disasters.  This bill creates a federal catastrophic reinsurance fund, which state cat funds would contribute to, so that the federal taxpayers would no longer be forced to foot the bill for natural disasters.

Residents across Florida have made it abundantly clear to their elected members that homeowner's insurance is in a full-blown crisis.  With the Florida legislature meeting January 16th in special session to address this crisis, I felt it was imperative for our state Representatives and Senators to know their Members of Congress were willing to roll up their sleeves and help find solutions.  Because it is so important to my constituents, I introduced the Homeowners' Insurance Protection Act on the first day of the 110th Congress.  I applaud Congressman Vern Buchanan for joining me in introducing legislation that helps our constituents with the rising costs of their homeowners' insurance.