This is an exciting day for the Blue Dog Coalition.  Today, the House passed three important provisions of the Blue Dog 12 Point Plan.  Chief among these provisions, PAYGO budget rules mark the first, and most important, step to getting our country back on track fiscally.

The Blue Dogs were proud to stand with Leader Hoyer today in support of PAYGO rules.  We look forward to working with Budget Chairman Spratt and our other colleagues to go further and put PAYGO rules back into law as they were before 2002.  PAYGO worked in the past, and it will work again.

The passage of three Blue Dog-endorsed provisions shows that the Blue Dogs have enhanced the Democratic agenda and will be a strong voice for fiscal responsibility in the new Congress.  However, our work is far from over.  Today's victory is simply the first step to balancing our budget and curbing our out-of-control national debt.