We mourn the death of one of America’s most respected Presidents. President Ford was a man of courage, honor and integrity. He was able to bring a divided country together in the aftermath of a national scandal -- Watergate.

President Ford put a healing hand on the nation. He renewed people’s faith in government. President Ford was determined in his efforts to bring America together.

His ability to govern with a calm composure and endless optimism, despite the many tribulations he faced during his Presidency, exemplifies attributes that made this man great. We honor and mourn a President who was a leader during one of America’s darkest times.

Through the years I had many opportunities to greet President Ford during visits to both Cleveland and Washington.  I always found him to be very humble about the enormous responsibilities that he shouldered.

President Ford led the country out of turmoil and his strong leadership skills brought Americans together. My thoughts and prayers are with the Ford family.