My thoughts and prayers are with Betty Ford, the Ford children, and the entire Ford family over the loss of President Gerald Ford -- a distinguished American who served his country with honor.

Gerald Ford devoted his life to his family and his country, serving in the Navy, in Congress, then as Vice President and ultimately as President.  He served during some very difficult moments for our country and helped heal a nation that was disillusioned by politics in the post-Watergate era.  Throughout his time in public office, Gerald Ford always carried himself with strength, dignity, and grace.  He was a true gentleman and with a steady hand he helped restore honor to the office of the presidency.

While my view on matters of policy may have differed from President Ford, I respected him for doing what he believed was in the best interests of the United States.  Leaders like Gerald Ford who have a deep respect for our Constitution and are grounded in principles of honesty and integrity serve our country well.