President Gerald Ford was more than a politician; he was a statesman and a gentleman.  Gerald Ford will always be remembered as the leader who found the courage and the capacity to heal an injured nation.  When this country faced one of the greatest constitutional crises in our history, he responded to the bitter anguish and disappointment of the American people with a determination to bring this nation together.  He did not make a popular decision, but he had the daring and the conviction to put the best interests of the American people first.

A few years ago, I was deeply moved and honored to have received the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award on the same program as Pres. Ford.  To this day, I still have wonderful memories of that moment and treasure the photographs of us together in my home and my office.  The whole nation mourns the loss of this statesmen and extends its deepest sympathy to his wife Betty and the Ford family.