I am gratified by yesterday's signing into law of the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act, a bill I authored in the House, restricting funding to a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

By fixing his hand to this legislation, President Bush has indicated that the U.S. will not, directly or indirectly, allow American taxpayer funds to be used to perpetuate the leadership of an Islamist jihadist entity like Hamas.

The signing of this law is an important aspect of our foreign policy, for its enactment addresses our immediate, as well as long-term security interests, seeking to promote stability in the region and ensure the security of our close friends and allies in the Middle East.

As needs arise and developments occur, I will work on further legislative action to further strengthen U.S. policy regarding any Palestinian Authority controlled by Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or any other such Islamist extremist entity, and ensure U.S. assistance truly furthers our national security interests and priorities in the region.