Iran's hosting of an international Holocaust conference last Monday reaffirms the radical regime's hateful policy aimed at destroying the State of Israel.  The Iranian leadership has been the source of vile and appalling anti-Semitic statements denying the Holocaust and calling for Israel to be wiped off the map.

I cosponsored legislation that overwhelmingly passed the House last Friday, condemning Ahmadinejad's stated intent to hold the Holocaust denial conference and calls on the UN to officially repudiate all of Iran's anti-Semitic statements and hold accountable UN members that promote such hateful statements.

This legislation reaffirms the United States commitment to prevent Iran from achieving its nuclear ambitions and vows to never forget the murder of millions in the Holocaust.

To ensure that atrocities of the Holocaust never happen again, it is critical that the world community, in a united and cohesive manner, condemns in the strongest form possible the actions and statements of those that deny the Holocaust while actively planning another one.