As a former 3-star Admiral who spent 31 years serving our country in our Navy, I am extremely honored that I was asked to serve on the House Armed Services Committee where I intend to work with my colleagues on a new direction for America's security. Having led the George Washington aircraft carrier battle group in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as having served as the Director for Defense Policy on the National Security Council in the White House, I hope to offer the committee a fresh perspective as we continue to fight the Global War on Terror and face other regional security challenges.

We have the opportunity to bring a new direction to our policy, most notably in Iraq, and I look forward to drawing from my experiences as we move forward. This new course begins by redeploying our forces from Iraq by the end of 2007, which will permit us to focus on security challenges everywhere -- from North Korea and Iran to Afghanistan and the Middle East -- that will make America more secure at home and abroad. It also gives us the flexibility to revitalize and achieve the needed transformation of our military. It keeps America's eye on the target: terrorism, as well as on a more peaceful and more prosperous world upon which our security depends.

Additionally, here in the 7th District, we have a special relationship with our nation's defense. We help make the tools that our men and women use to fight the Global War on Terror. Serving on this distinguished committee enables me to support jobs in the district that are necessary for and supportive of greater national security at home and abroad.