Back in September I compared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Adolf Hitler and called him a madman. Now that he’s convened this meeting denying the Holocaust, I don’t think any rational person could disagree with my previous assessment.

Today’s meeting – along with his previous statements that the Holocaust is a myth and that Israel should be wiped off the map – proves that he is indeed a Hitler-like madman.

Those who have recently urged the administration to engage directly with Iran over the issue of Iraq should pay close attention to the message coming from this meeting. And if direct talks are to occur with Iran, they should take place without its president. If we had isolated Hitler when we first saw the warning signs, the world may have never suffered his wrath.

Unless all Arab leaders make it clear that Israel has a right to exist, there will never be a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, and there will never be true peace in the Middle East.