The House is expected to vote on the Senate offshore drilling bill S. 3711 this morning. Procedurally, leadership plans to bring the bill to the floor Tuesday under suspension of the rules which would require a two-thirds majority for passage.

This is one last gasp for Big Oil and their allies in Congress. This election year Americans spoke out about a new direction for the country, including on energy policy. It’s time for Congress to stop appeasing Big Oil and to embrace real energy security and enact smart energy solutions that decrease our oil dependence, clean up our environment, curb global warming and create jobs.

In letters to Congress, press statements, and formal comments submitted to the Administration, nine coastal governors have consistently opposed major new legislation that would open new coastal areas to offshore drilling. It's a bad deal for Americans. Opening our nation's coastline to destructive drilling will only add to the billions in profits already being made by Big Oil, do nothing to lower gas prices for American families or energy costs for American businesses, and will keep our nation dangerously dependent on oil. Instead of committing to destructive drilling off our beaches, Congress could be adopting smart energy solutions that would help wean Americans off oil and save money at the pump.