I am endorsing Congressman John Shadegg for Republican Whip in the 110th Congress because he will best lead the effort by House Republicans to formulate the ideas and solutions necessary for us to regain the majority.

I remember serving in the minority for two years when I was first elected in 1992. Day after day House Republicans had to fight back against a Democrat-controlled Congress that was leading the country down the wrong path. Fortunately I had the opportunity to participate in drafting the historic Contract with America. We crafted bold ideas and policies that resonated with the American people, and they overwhelmingly sent such a substantial number of Republicans to Congress that the election earned the title of the 1994 Republican Revolution.

Today we need similarly effective leaders who can generate the level of optimism necessary to regain the majority of the House in 2008. I believe that John Shadegg has the leadership skills, he has the ideas and solutions and he best understands how to get the job done.

He will deliver the sound ideas and policies that people care about nationally to the White House and to the American people. It is time to redefine ourselves and again earn the trust of American voters, and I am confident in the ability of John Shadegg to get the job done.