The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is expanding our border watch patrols along both the northern and southern borders and our interior enforcement efforts, reporting illegal behavior to the proper authorities. We intend to hold those newly-elected to Congress who ran on the issues of strong border security and vigorous interior enforcement—and who are the overwhelming majority of the freshman class from both parties—accountable for their actions. We are encouraged, vigilant and determined to see this nation’s borders and sovereignty secured.

Republicans did not lose the November 7th elections because of the illegal immigration issue — but in spite of it. The GOP had a golden opportunity to overcome the negatives looming over the election: national security, out-of-control earmark spending, Iraq and the war on terrorism, failure to enforce our immigration laws, as well as the corruption and scandal that plagued the GOP. They blew it. The President needed to lead on an issue that an overwhelming majority of Americans support—simply securing this nation’s borders.

To the contrary, the President tried to force his guest worker amnesty for millions upon millions of people here illegally down the collective throats of an unwilling public: a blanket pardon for document fraud, identity theft and income tax evasion only for non-citizens.

While Republicans made the illegal immigration issue an intra-party struggle, Democrat candidates across the nation ran and won on border security and robust interior enforcement as the open border Democrat leadership remained silent on the issue.

The President disregarded the will of the people leading up to the elections during the dog and pony show signing of the unfunded Border Fence Act of 2006. At that signing ceremony he told the media that he needed a Republican Congress to push through his “guest worker