There is something wrong in the Sarasota County in the 13th CD Election in Florida. There is a 18,000 vote deficit between the Congressional race and the other highly contested races on the ballot. The absentee ballots collected for the same race shows only a 2.5% difference in the number of voters that voted in these other races and the and the Congressional District race. The 18,000 votes missing in the 13th Congressional District Race represents a 13% drop off.

The local and state election officials are saying that voters just did not vote in that race because it was conflict driven. The key to investigating the problem is looking at the absentee ballot voting patterns and the e-voting tally--they should not deviate by that large of a margin in a race by race brake down.

The state of Florida passed a number of Draconian measures that bar inspection of the machines or the printout of all three memory devices to check for errors.