Last night at Pasadena City College John KerryJohn Forbes KerryDemocratic insiders stay on the sidelines in 2020 race 70 former senators propose bipartisan caucus for incumbents John Kerry: Democratic debate 'was something of a food fight' MORE stated, “You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.

These types of comments do nothing except demoralize the troops and embolden our enemies, especially when they come from an elected official who voted to send our brave men and women to Iraq. These troops are the most intelligent and best trained troops in the world. Re-enlistment is at an all time high. This tells me that they are not "stuck in Iraq" as John Kerry would lead you to believe; instead it tells me that the all volunteer military believes in the mission and believe in America.

The men and women in uniform that I have spoken with have told me time and time again it is statements such as these that make their job tougher. We need to be united behind our troops, not undermining them at every turn. After speaking with the troops, I know they will win this war and continue to provide us the security and freedom we have in our country.