As Co-chair of the Blue Dog Coalition, I feel very strongly about bringing fiscal responsibility back to Washington. In this election, we have an historic opportunity to take our country in a new direction by electing candidates who will put a stop to the record deficits and exploding debt we’ve seen under the current leadership in Congress.

Recently, I hit the campaign trail on behalf of Jill Derby, who is running in Nevada’s second congressional district. Jill embodies the best traits of a Blue Dog - she is independent-minded, down to earth, and believes to her core in government accountability and fiscal responsibility. These are qualities that are in short supply in Washington right now.

The Blue Dog Coalition has proposed a twelve-point plan for restoring fiscal responsibility to your government. Some of the reforms we have outlined include: mandatory spending caps, reinstating Pay-As-You Go rules, and requiring every federal agency to pass a clean audit. With Jill Derby’s help, we can affect real, lasting change in Washington by making this plan a reality.

President Bush doesn’t want to change direction on the debt - that’s why he will be campaigning for Jill’s opponent this Thursday in Elko, Nevada. Jill’s campaign theme is "Boot ‘em." Help us send a message to the current leadership in Washington. Let’s restore fiscal sanity and give deficits the boot.