Hey Roy,

Let's talk about the issues for a minute. It's one week until the election. And I have a few questions for my opponent, Roy BluntRoy Dean BluntMcConnell: Congress aiming for deal on sexual harassment bill this year The Hill's 12:30 Report — Sponsored by Delta Air Lines — Leadership elections in Congress | Freshman lawmakers arrive | Trump argues he can restrict reporter access Ernst elected to Senate GOP leadership MORE. Let's be blunt, Roy:Why are you avoiding the issues? Why don't you answer Southwest Missouri voters questions, and tell us what we want to know? All of us down here have a lot of questions - and you're hiding and not giving us any answers.

I think you need to open up your eyes and ears, Roy, and hear what all of us here have to say. Southwest Missourians are fed up. And we have had enough. But you don't have to answer. I think all of us know where you stand on the issues:

I support setting a timetable for our troops, and bringing them home. You support standing behind Bush and 'staying the course', and continuing another Vietnam.

I completely support National Health Care for every American. Philip Morris is your biggest contributor, and your record clearly shows where you stand on this issue.

I completely support ending the war on terror. Your top priority is Homeland Security; here it is, 5 years after 9/11, and a private plane can still fly into New York City and crash into a 40 story building. Looks like we can see what's been done these last 5 years with your top priority.

I support raising the minimum wage, and ending poverty. Your record clearly shows where you support big business, and not the people.

I completely support protecting our environment and ending Global Warming. It is getting worse, and is scientifically being proven that it is destroying the world. You were recently quoted as saying "if I get re-elected, Congress won't do a thing about Global Warming". I think that alone shows where you stand.

I support protecting our children. At all costs. In the schools. Within the walls of Washington. With children's health. And what does your record show? Well, I think we can just look at the last 10 years you've been in Washington and see how nothing has become better for our children. Only worse. It's obvious where your priorities are.

What about our Seniors? I support protecting Social Security, lowering prescription drugs, and being for the senior citizen. Your voting record with Bush speaks for itself.

And let's not leave out the corruption in Washington. In the last 10 years of your job, you've worked right under and over the biggies....Delay...Foley...Abramoff....Ney....Hastert...and have managed some way for the ethics reports about your possible criminal activity to remain silent in Washington and in the press.

And the list goes on....

Roy, you may have the conservative media locked up here in Southwest Missouri; but Missouri voters know better. And they'll show what they know next Tuesday. They'll vote for change. I guarantee it!

And why? Well, I wonder....their incumbent Congressman won't answer their questions and address the issues. But don't worry, Roy. You don't have to answer our questions. We know where you stand. Your record speaks for itself. And it'll show next Tuesday. This is the Show-Me State. And you've shown SW Missourians the job you can do for 10 years.

SW Missourians will help David beat Goliath next week; and make Truman defeat Blunt.

Get ready for a historic upset next Tuesday, Roy....I know you'll find another job. You and Bush say jobs and the economy are getting better.

Good luck in your job search next month....