At first blush, it appears gratifying to finally have Congress pass and the President sign into law the Border Fence Act of 2006. Our goal at the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has always been to see the rule of law brought back to the border. We have sought to show the government what we think homeland security should look like and how achievable and cost effective absolute operational control of our border can be. When you have obvious vigilance at the border you vastly decrease the current steady waves of migrant trafficking, drug dealers, possible terrorists, gang members, rapists, thieves, weapons and sex traders, and untold contraband into our country.

As important a first step in long-overdue federal action this legislation may seem to be, some wise and experienced legislators have raised important and unavoidable questions as to whether the Department of Homeland Security intends to actually fund the proposed 700 miles of fencing authorized by this legislation. Other critical questions revolve around the technology and budgetary standards of the proposed fence design and construction. We need to build an actual fence, not just endlessly propose border security options. Politicians and bureaucrats must stop playing “virtualIt is unconscionable that we should waste millions or billions of dollars at home to gratuitously construct a highly questionable “virtual