1. ABC News has reported the winner of the World’s Fastest BlackBerry type-off. ABC had reported on my writing of the book "The Dancer's Dead" on the BlackBerry, during the campaign. My opponent in the "type-off" was the political editor for ABC News, claiming the fastest pair of thumbs at ABC. He said, prior to the contest, “New York City pride is on the line, and I don’t intend to lose.

2. Our victory party plans, featuring Alaskan salmon, made the news today. An Alaskan fisherman sent salmon as a thank you from the Alaskans greatly benefited by Sen Hutchison, their "third senator." She voted for the transportation bill last year, after saying she opposed it for its unfair funding formula, costing Texans ten cents of our cast tax dollars donated for pork-laden out of state transportation projects. When criticized, she falsely claimed credit for the bipartisan work of Sens. Byrd and Graham, who years ago upped the formula to its current levels.

3. One of our favorite volunteers, an ex-debate champion from Cambridge University, has reported in by BlackBerry that she was yet again recognized. She's become famous, not for her brilliant research and hard work on the campaign trail, but as the puppeteer behind the sock puppet in our commercials at www.radnofskyvideo.com and showing on TV in our vote-plan targeted areas around the state. She's on stage on our post debate webcast, and she was recognized last night at her birthday dinner, and now sends in this e mail, which references our affectionate name, now well known, for the attractive puppet with a blonde wig and eyelashes: "Some woman in the airport just walked up to me and called me 'Fluffy. What has become of me?!? Jo"