We're a nation at war against an enemy who has vowed to exploit every weakness we have.

It is a shame that a majority of Democrats opposed the construction of a border fence. House Republicans, however, remain committed to strengthening our border, stemming the tide of illegal immigration, and protecting the American people.

We can all agree that our nation's immigration system is fundamentally flawed. Yet it is Republicans who believe that securing the border must be our first priority to keep our homeland safe. Nancy Pelosi and a majority of House Democrats have rejected attempts to secure the border first and have supported amnesty for illegal aliens.

Republicans have a record of results on border security. Without Republican leadership in Congress, the president wouldn't have the Secure Fence Act to sign into law today, and the National Guard wouldn't have the funds they are currently using to construct additional fencing along the border. This new law reinforces our border, keeping our homeland safe -- because border security is national security.