I began the day with a radio interview. We highlighted my differences with Sen. Hutchison on Iraq, but the emphasis was on key Texas issues: drought and water management, the Agriculture Relief bill - mired in Committee - with no effort from the state's US senate leadership to bring it out as farmers wait for two years of relief for production years 2005-06. We discussed the upcoming Farm Bill and the inadequacy of sole reliance on an unaffordable insurance based system from 2002's bill, and inadequate relief which profits the insurance companies, but provides insufficient protection for our aging farmers, as a younger generation seeks profitable work elsewhere.

We concluded with a spirited discussion of horse slaughter. I emphasized the need for the banning of horse slaughter for human consumption. It's encouraging horse theft with ready market for slaughter and contrary to our western values. My opponent won't lift a finger on the issue.

Today, the National Farmer's Union endorsed me.

I recorded our next round of radio commercials and confirmed the buys, and outlined the next round of TV for San Antonio, Houston and Austin.

We were able to shoot all three commercials this afternoon, and I spoke on the double wall fence as we issued a press release on the issue. We'll be posting the releases, as usual, to the news section of www.radnofsky.com.

While there is a little glitz, true, the music (excellent use of French horns in my humble opinion) and the few seconds of sock puppet test very well. The message gets across, and people want to hear about Iraq, as well as domestic issues. The next round will center on Sen. Hutchison's failure to lift Texas out of 41st place in federal funding, as well as transportation issues.

Several bedrock Republican regions ran newspaper stories embracing the concept that our Iraq policy is flawed, questioning what was known when. We are getting much traction from the WMD classified/declassified document issue.