I am Dr. Artis Cash, candidate for Congress from the 4th District of Louisiana. Protecting Social Security from privatization by the Bush administration’s lead man Jim McCrery is a primary reason I am seeking the office. Congressman McCrery was selected as the Bush Administration’s point man to privatize Social Security. This is the same administration that launched our national budget surplus onto the high financial seas for the money pirates and the Bush privateers.

In his own words, Congressman Jim McCrery exposed the dangers of his position against senior citizens and needy children when he said in March of 2005, “Accounts are not private in the sense that that individual has complete control over those accounts. He doesn't. His investment choices are very limited. He can't take the money out for any reason other than retirement. And he must annuitize a certain portion of it upon retirement."

Social Security funds are the last funds that have not been touched by the Bush administration and its Wall Street supporters. American workers retirements deserve to be protected when their working days are over. It’s time for a clean sweep. Send Jim McCrery back home by voting #22, Artis Cash for Congress.