Our country is facing an enemy that has a clear objective of destroying our American way of life, and we need every tool available to prosecute these terrorists.  The Military Commissions Act will enable our troops and intelligence agents to operate against a new enemy of a new battlefield.

To defend the nation after September 11, 2001, we had to go on offense.  These terrorists do not represent any government, but rather a jihadist element intent on harming the United States.  The ability to conduct military tribunals is crucial to our effort to turn back the tide of violence and hatred that fuels the terrorists.

The House of Representatives approved this legislation last month by a final vote of 250-170, with 162 Democrats voting against the measure.  Democrats have not been consistent about how they would approach the enemy we face, and I believe they have a fundamental misunderstanding of our fight against terrorism.

The Military Commissions Act will enable us to keep America safe by making sure the terrorists are off the streets and brought to justice.