In one bold and unjust stroke, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) appointed by President Bush has invited employers to rob workers of their freedom to have a union by simply reclassifying them as “supervisors.

It is clearer now than ever that if America’s workers want to restore their hard-fought freedom to form unions and bargain collectively with their employers, we must replace our anti-worker national leadership. Now.

Our rights are in shreds thanks to six years of rule by Bush and his party’s leadership in Congress. And we will not restore those rights until we restore a pro-worker national government. When a democracy works properly, Congress exercises checks and balances and corrects errors and injustices by the executive branch. But ruled by Bush’s party, Congress has rubber-stamped the president’s anti-worker, anti-union agenda.

America’s workers are going to need a strong partnership to reverse the damage the Bush administration and its allies in Congress have done in the past six years. We need to forge that partnership now through Nov. 7 by working for candidates who will work for us in Congress.