Nobody is happy about having a deficit at all, but in a time of war, it happens. The President took office in a time of economic slowdown. Fortunately, the President and Congress took proactive steps to grow the economy through tax cuts and reduced non-defense spending which have led to more jobs, and as a result, more revenue. We have now cut the deficit in half over three years ahead of schedule.

Policies enacted by the President and Congress have led to 18 consecutive quarters of economic expansion, 6.6 million new jobs created since August 2003, and now, a rapid increase in tax revenues. More people own their homes. Inflation is in check. We have more work to do, but news continues to be good, both in my home state of New Mexico and across the country.

I think every American voter should be aware of the positive steps we've taken, including providing tax relief for every American, doubling the child tax credit, reducing the capital gains tax, and reducing the marriage penalty. Our next step should be to take on the death tax. A good compromise that also increased the minimum wage was killed because of partisan politics before recess, but we should take it back up when we get back.