Yesterday, a letter I authored with Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) calling on the Arab League to employ all diplomatic means available to help bring an end to the violence in Darfur was sent to Secretary General Amr Moussa.  The letter, co-signed by over 1/3 of the House, is a strong message to the Arab League that they need to be more engaged in the peace process in Sudan.

The Arab League has significant influence over Sudan, as Sudan is a member state of the organization.  Therefore, they have an obligation to protect the vulnerable citizens of Darfur and push the peace process forward.  One immediate way the Arab League can intervene is by increasing pressure on the Government of Sudan to allow the UN peacekeeping force authorized in UN Security Council Resolution 1706 to carry out their mandate.

The Arab League cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the genocide that is taking place in Darfur.  It is vital that they exert their considerable influence over Sudan to end the regime's violent attacks on the people of Darfur, get UN peacekeepers on the ground and generate positive progress toward peace and stability in the Darfur region.