The report that North Korea has successfully tested a nuclear weapon is a cause for great concern. Indeed, news of the test will have a significant impact on the stability of the region. North Korea's action must be taken very seriously, and I applaud the U.N. Security Council for meeting expeditiously to address this issue.

Certainly, all options regarding economic sanctions on North Korea need to be explored. China is emerging as the key player in this matter, and any economic sanctions on North Korea should be imposed in conjunction with China.

At this time, I would like to see a resumption of the "six party" talks with North Korea. It is in the best interest of the United States for us to work with our allies in resolving this matter. We as a nation must also tone down inflammatory rhetoric and instead strive for diplomatic solutions, which could actually have a lasting impact on peace.

As a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, I look forward to monitoring this situation carefully and determining what actions the United States should take in the future. Arms control has become critical - any escalation of the arms race is cause for serious concern, and it is in all of our best interests to halt the proliferation of nuclear weapons.