I am appalled by the actions of Mr. Foley.  Had he not resigned, it is my belief that he would have been expelled from the House, and rightfully so. The people of this country will not tolerate this kind of behavior, and neither will I.

As a father and as a supporter of legislation designed to stop the exploitation of children, I hope that House leadership and law enforcement authorities will investigate this matter.  Mr. Foley must be held accountable for his actions.  If he has violated the law, he should be prosecuted just like anyone else would be.

Earlier this year Mr. Foley's Florida Republican Leadership PAC donated $1,000 to my re-election campaign.  On Friday, the same day as Mr. Foley's resignation, I donated $1,000 to Boone County Court Appointed Special Advocates, Inc. (CASA).

CASA volunteers play an instrumental role in child court cases ensuring that children do not get lost in an overwhelmed judicial system.  CASA volunteers are appointed by family court judges to serve as advocates for dependent, abused, or neglected children.  CASA volunteers work to protect our nation's most vulnerable children. For more information on CASA, please visit: http://www.casanky.org/.