History has proven that the Democrats have a horrible track record when working toward stability in the Middle East and it's laughable that they would blame President Bush for enabling Iran to become a global menace.  It was Democratic President Jimmy Carter who stood by as Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Shah of Iran, ushering in the dangerous, volatile theocracy that is still in existence today.  Most importantly, it was Carter, not President Bush, who in 1979 watched as the American Embassy in Tehran was overrun and American citizens were held captive for 444 days.

During the Clinton Administration, it is now clear that the secret Iranian nuclear program was up and running and Iran was providing support for Hezbollah and al Qaeda terrorists.  In contrast, President Bush has approached the Iranian problem from a position of strength, not appeasement and has rallied support from the world community to put an end to the Iranian nuclear program.  After all that's happened the Democrats still don't get it.  The pattern of unspoken appeasement clearly does not, and never will, work.  It didn't work in the 70's, didn't work in the 90's and especially won't work now.