Today, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the first two of five reports in its “Phase II
The report also includes new public information on the intelligence source CURVEBALL. This individual was the linchpin of the intelligence assessments on the Iraqi mobile biological weapons program. The report demonstrates that there were serious concerns about the reliability and credibility of his reporting prior to the war that were not appropriately handled.
It is regrettable that these two reports are reaching the public two and a half years after the Committee agreed to the Phase II investigation, and I am concerned that they are overly redacted. I am also disappointed that the Committee has not completed the remaining three very important reports. It is our responsibility to complete this work in a comprehensive yet prompt manner.

The bottom line is this: the intelligence that led to the war in Iraq was fatally flawed. Worse, it was misused by the Administration. As a result, policymakers made the decision to go to war based on information that was simply wrong.