Senator DeWine voted to give billions of dollars in tax cuts to millionaires while slashing funding for medical research. He limited seniors' access to their prescribed treatments by voting for a bill that prohibited Medicare from negotiating for lower prescription drug prices and left a gap in coverage costing seniors more than $2,000. Mike DeWine's misplaced priorities cut off a lifeline for Ohioans hoping for a cure.

DeWine has strongly opposed life-saving stem cell research. According to his website: "Senator DeWine will oppose any bill that would expand existing policy by allowing the government to pay for studies on embryos in frozen storage at fertility clinics, even if the couples who conceive them certify that they would otherwise discard them. Senator DeWine strongly opposes the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005, which passed the House by a vote of 238-194."

Senator DeWine put politics before the life-or-death needs of Ohio families when he voted against funding life-saving stem cell research.

Republicans like Nancy Reagan and Senate Majority Leader Frist recognize that stem cell research has provided millions of Americans suffering from disease or disability with the hope of a better future.
The scientific community recognizes stem cell as having a unique potential to cure disease.

E. Grey Diamond, M.D., former President, American College of Cardiology said, "Throughout my lifelong pursuit of better health for my patients, there has never been a more promising breakthrough than that of early stem cell research. While this technology is relatively new, the early results hold tremendous promise for relieving human suffering and finding cures for hundreds of thousands of our citizens who are afflicted by debilitating diseases for which we currently have no good answers."