When I’m out on the campaign trail, I find that working Iowans are unhappy about the way their tax dollars are being spent. I’ve talked with people that have to make tough decisions with their family budget and can’t understand why the federal budget doesn’t work the same way. As our deficit has ballooned it is becoming clear that our irresponsible spending will become a burden on our children and grandchildren. Pork barrel projects are the root of the problem. This year Congress approved over 15,000 earmarks, nearly four times as many as were in the budget ten years ago.

I have proposed a three-point plan for bringing spending reform to Washington. First, we need to give line-item veto authority to the president. We also need to bring more sunshine into the earmarking process. By that I mean, no more shepherding bills through Congress in the middle of the night and putting an end to the practice of adding earmarks to bills just before they come to the floor. Lastly, I support an amendment to the United States Constitution that requires Congress to balance the federal budget.

The budget process is broken and it’s time we enact some responsible spending reforms.