Last Friday my opponent and I met in the first of our debates. My opponent has spent $4.7 million to win the Republican Primary, nearly another $1 million attacking me since May, and on Friday dumped another $1.7 million into his campaign.

Nebraskans tell me they are sick and tired of the negative attack ads that are running on every station during every commercial break. That’s why, during the debate on Friday, I offered an advertising truce, whereby my opponent and I would discontinue all advertising – negative and positive – until October 1. My opponent rejected the offer immediately. Only later did we learn about his personal contribution of another $1.75 million.

On Sunday, in West Point, Nebraska I had some folks come up to me and thank me for trying to stop the advertisements. I told them I’d be happy to stop mine if my opponent would stop his ads but unilaterally disarming would be a mistake.

Many of my ads and those run on my behalf have focused on my record of cutting taxes and spending, promoting ethanol, strengthening our national security, and stressing my record of putting Nebraska first. I will continue to run ads touting my record in the months ahead.