First of all, it took some good intelligence work and cooperation for the British Government to be able to cut this off before it actually happened. We have no idea as to what's going on out there or what should be done.

I was most pleased that New Yorkers realize that the world has changed. We just have to take these things in our stride. I'm amazed at all the people on the street who were interviewed who were willing to make all the adjustments that they'll have to make in traveling. But they know that there are a lot of mean people in this world.

It wouldn't surprise me if we aren't responsible for the creation of some of these mean people with our intrusions into Iraq. I agree with Secretary Rumsfeld when he said that we may be creating more terrorists than we're killing. For them to see what we're doing in Iraq is repugnant not only to Islamic people but to all people who look for justice and peace. The whole idea that Bush and others continually refer to "Islamic Fascists" - you know, they didn't call Hitler a "Christian Radical" or the KKK "Baptist Radicals!" To take a name like Islam and to attach an adjective to it is not well-conceived.