I was particularly displeased with Abe Foxman’s response to my posting because he deliberately miscast my critique of the Administration’s handling of Middle East policy and then had the gall to suggest that I had turned a blind eye to the regional threat posed by Iran.
Abe, it is not I who stood by while Iran and extremists were strengthened in the region. It is policies, pursued by this Administration and, I dare say, supported by you, that are responsible for the nightmare we see before us.

The disastrous war in Iraq, the unilateralism of the Sharon/Olmert governments, our neglect of Lebanon and now, the onslaughts against Gaza and Lebanon—have all contributed to making a Middle East that is more dangerous and more anti-American than at any time in history—with Iran sitting in a corner licking it chops.

The current wars raging in the region are neither “clarifyingIn Iraq, the Administration led us into a war without any understanding of the history or culture of that country. Guided by an infantile fantasy (“ shock and awe