Earlier this year, the VA was entertaining a proposal to curtail the hours of operation at VA Medical Center emergency rooms across the country, including one right in my home state of New Hampshire.  This proposal would have hurt veterans.  When faced with a dire medical emergency, the last thing a veteran and his or her family should be considering is the potential out-of-pocket costs incurred from visiting a private medical facility.

Thankfully, the VA has shelved this proposal until they have determined a policy that will allow qualified veterans to be treated at other facilities with the VA assuming responsibility for payment of that care.  To prevent any future proposals similar to this one from being implemented without Congressional or public input, I have introduced legislation in the House that would give Congress ample opportunity for oversight on any proposal that would curtail hours of operation at emergency rooms within the VA Health Care System.  I urge my colleagues to support this bill and ensure that our veterans receive the health care they deserve.