By: Tom Bock, National Commander of the American Legion

We were trained in the military to "safeguard" classified materials.  VA has an obligation to "safeguard" personal information.  We know the consequences for losing classified material in the military, I would expect no less in the VA.

Therefore, The American Legion calls upon the Administration and Congress to provide the promised protection to allow concerned veterans and members of the military a sense of well being and peace of mind they so rightly deserve.

The American Legion will continue to press the VA and congress to work to ensure that any veteran, active duty, Guard or Reserve member who suffers financial loss as a result of the initial theft is justly compensated.  The American Legion also supports legislation that will provide free monitoring of credit for one year and other actions to protect veterans.

The Veterans Identity and Credit Security Act of 2006 seems like a logical first step toward re establishing confidence and trust.