All the new timetables in the world are not going to correct the mismanagement, fraud and scientific failings that have become a hallmark of the Yucca Mountain Project.  Nuclear waste can safely remain where it was produced for the next 100 years and there is no need to move this waste given the danger of an accident or terrorist attack.

One fact that every member of Congress should know is that the Department of Energy cannot and will not provide Congress with a new estimate of Yucca Mountain's total cost.  The price tag in 2001 was more than $60 billion dollars, and I would not be surprised to see the final cost swell to five times that amount.

For those who think Yucca Mountain is only a Nevada problem, I would remind Members of Congress that President Bush's plan to turn Nevada into a nuclear garbage dump will send thousands of waste shipments across America's roads and highways.  Communities from California to Maine will be impacted and will be potential terrorist targets as decades of waste shipments pass by homes, schools, hospitals and churches.  More than 50 million Americans will be at risk from shipments of nuclear waste headed to Yucca Mountain.