Yesterday's vote in favor of stem cell research by the U.S. Senate is a victory
for the millions of Americans suffering from life threatening diseases like
Parkinson's and diabetes. By passing H.R. 810 this Congress has proved we
are willing to set politics aside when it comes to expanding life saving

Unfortunately there is one man standing in the way of life saving cures to a
myriad of diseases; President George W. Bush.

President Bush's restrictive stem cell policy is a failure. H.R. 810 moves
to correct that by allowing this important research to move forward under
ethical constraints. This research holds so much promise to solving
diseases that affect more than 110 million Americans. Vetoing it would be
one of the greatest mistakes of his Presidency.

This saga will not end in the oval office. I will not give up and will not
stop fighting for cures. Stem cell research will be expanded, it's only a
question of how soon and who will stand with us in our fight to save lives.