There are several forms of stem cell research being conducted in the United States today.  President Bush is the first president to authorize federal dollars for stem cell research. In fact, every year, the amount of funds devoted to stem cell research has increased and there has been no circumstance where the federal government has prohibited private stem cell research.

President Bush’s policy only limits funding for embryonic stem cell research.  This is nascent research, and the President is right to enforce policy boundaries that are responsible and ethical.  The facts are clear – to date, embryonic stem cell research has brought no bona fide medical treatments.

Honestly one of the most important aspects of this debate, one which causes me great concern, is that the people who are truly suffering are being promised miraculous treatments through embryonic stem cell research when the reality of what is possible is if far more limited.  Unfortunately, these misleading promises by the proponents of embryonic stem cell research have not been substantiated by any concrete evidence of an achievable therapeutic intervention today or in the foreseeable future.

In contrast, I know there is evidence that cord blood or adult stem cells can bring significant advances in working towards a cure for many diseases.  These two stem cells do not endanger a life and therefore their research should be supported.

Yes, we should support ground breaking technology, but not at the risk of sacrificing innocent life.  I believe human life begins at conception, and that is exactly where embryonic stem cell research takes its place.