I was reading Dick Morris's column today which states that Republican voters back the Senate's Immigration bill and that Members of Congress should line up behind this proposal. Dick Morris may have a nice resume and he may be a sharp political mind, but he misses the mark with Ohio Republicans. I have heard from constituents at town meetings, in emails and phone calls and I know that in Ohio's Fifth District, support for the House version of immigration reform is 5 to 1 over the Senate version.

I am not a "talking head" and I do not worry about predicting elections. For me, this debate has never been about 2006 or 2008. To the 630,000 people I represent, this debate is about whether we are to remain a nation based on the rule of law. In a district which is 5% of Ohio's population and 20% of its farmland, the issue of illegal labor is a hot topic. But to us the issue is simple- illegal immigration is a crime. We can discuss temporary worker programs and the process of citizenship but in Ohio's Fifth District, illegal immigration has nothing to do with party politics or swing voters. To my constituents, this debate is about fairness, consistency, and enforcement.