This is certainly a dangerous provocation and it certainly raises the danger level. It also presents us with an opportunity. This opportunity enables us to coordinate a strong and forceful response with other nations in the region. Multilateral action is always stronger than unilateral action.In this opportunity, Russia, China, South Korea and Japan can be brought into a partnership with us to take decisive action. Now these countries have no choice but to actively work to bring North Korea to the negotiation table. We can tell North Korea this is not acceptable and there is a price to pay for their belligerence.

Having been to North Korea twice, it is really a tragedy that the regime of Pyongyang decides to put its energies towards weapons of mass destruction. At a time when its population is starving and people are being thrown into gulags, it's outrageous that they would be spending what few resources they have on these weapons rather than building a new life for their people.