Chairman Young is a uniquely capable representative for the people of Alaska and our nation's transportation needs. We have a simple disagreement over federal funding for this project. Our infrastructure is a key to the US economy. Maintaining and expanding our transportation infrastructure requires us to be strategic and deliberate in how we foresee both demographic and economic growth.

I was proud to offer an amendment in the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation to kill the Alaskan Bridge-to-Nowhere. The much publicized and controversial Bridge-to-Nowhere project, which would connect Ketichan, Alaska to the island of Gravina would cost taxpayers an estimated $320 million. Currently there is a $6 ferry ride that connects Gravina with Ketichan that even residents say is the only thing visitors remember.

We have greater transportation and infrastructure demands. Over 34% of our roads and 160,000 bridges in America are in need of repair. We must address these key priorities and defend the taxpayers' dollars against wasteful spending. The amendment passed this afternoon.

Today, taxpayers won.