Word on the street is that the Senate could wrap-up debate as early as this week on their version of immigration reform. Unfortunately for the American people, what the Senate is considering is far from true immigration reform; rather it is a rehash of a failed policy from twenty years ago.

Much like the amnesty bill that became law in 1986, the current Senate proposal will allow illegal immigrants to pursue a "path to citizenship" as long as they comply with certain requirements like paying a fine and back taxes. The Senate approach couples that with tougher border security measures and new sanctions for employers who hire illegal immigrants.

If you looked up a summary of the 1986 act, it would read eerily similar. The end result of that policy was over two million illegal immigrants were granted amnesty for entering the country illegally. As for the reform end, well, you tell me if we ever got that secure border we were promised in 1986.

So, here we are today, debating that same failed policy. The borders are as porous as ever and employers who break the law are not subjected to the harsh sanctions we were promised in 1986. If the policy of granting amnesty in exchange for stronger immigration laws and increased enforcement actually worked, we would not be re-living this debate today.