The Administration's plan for a National Missile Defense in Europe is nothing more than deploying an expensive myth in the absence of true international cooperation.

National Missile Defense (NMD) has a well documented record of failure. Despite over twenty years worth of research and development, and hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money wasted, no NMD system has successfully completed a live-fire test.

The only people who benefit from this taxpayer funded boondoggle are the defense contractors who continue to line their pockets with taxpayer funds without producing a successful live-fire test.


Missile defense has failed in America, and it will fail in Europe.

Only international diplomacy, in which the United States participates, will resolve our stand off with Iran. A new arms race in Europe will not deter Iran from pursuing nuclear technologies, and is just the latest example of this Administration's failed foreign policy that makes our country less, not more, secure.